Experience of use Hondrox

Buyers reviewed the product, shared their opinion on the use of joint spray, and explained how Hondrox works.

Alice from Varna: "Hondrox got rid of chronic pain"

Hondrox spray review

In my youth, I was injured, since then my knees have regularly felt pain. Discomfort occurred when the weather changed, after long walks, sometimes even just after getting out of bed. For many years I suffered with this pain, tried hundreds of different ointments and creams, but they either did not work at all, or gave a short-term effect. Spray Hondrox caught my eye by accident, I just ran out of another useless ointment and I was looking for a replacement. Seeing the advertisement, I decided to give a chance to the new tool.

My experience of using

I placed an order on the website, the girl immediately called me back and provided all the information about the spray. I picked up the parcel at the post office in my city, there were no problems, everything was perfectly packed. I started using it right away. I really liked that the product is not sticky at all, it is absorbed very quickly, it smells nice. It is smeared and after a couple of minutes you can get dressed - this is a great time saver.

I felt the effect almost immediately. After application, there was a slight sensation of warmth, after 15 minutes the pain subsided noticeably. I used the spray in the morning and in the evening for a whole month. I don't know if he strengthened my joints, but the pain went away from the second week and never came back. Three months have passed after the course, I have never encountered discomfort in my knees. Just in case, I ordered more, now I always carry it in my purse.

Felix from Wroclaw: "With Hondrox I can run again"

As far back as I can remember, I have been playing sports all my life, playing football professionally, and playing tennis. The knees are the most problematic area, in these sports they quickly deteriorate. It happened to me too. Over the past 5 years, my knees have been constantly aching, and there have been periods of back pain, so I had to leave the sport. I decided that it was enough to endure it, and ordered the spray Hondrox on the recommendation of a friend.

Spray overview

What does Hondrox spray look like

I am often on the road, so the release form Hondrox suited me very well. The product is liquid, it is rubbed in very easily, it is absorbed instantly. Convenient to take with you, it does not take up much space. After application, it is felt how blood begins to rush to the sore spot. This is a good sign, which means that Hondrox not only relieves pain, but heals.

How to use the spray

In the instructions for use, everything is indicated: the spray should be applied twice a day to the area that worries. At first, there was no particular effect - the pain passed, but the stiffness and creakiness of the joints remained. After two weeks I noticed that in the morning it became somehow easier to move. True, by the evening the severity returned again. Then I realized that Hondrox was working and ordered another course.

What result?

In total, I have used Hondrox spray for almost two months. During this time, he completely relieved me of pain. After about a month, I noticed that it became easier to climb the stairs. At the end of the second course I decided to go for a short run. A miracle happened - I ran 2 km, my knees did not let me down, even the next day everything was fine! I am very grateful to the manufacturer for the quality product and now I am pleased to recommend Hondrox to all my friends-athletes.